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Alternative-Fuel Vehicles

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Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Fairs, Festivals and Conferences

  • American Solar Challenge
    2300 miles of solar raycing challenges teams from around the world. In July, high tech and high efficiency solar cars will cross the Great Plains, climb the Rocky Mountains, and dash over the Great American Desert to the finish line in Southern California.
    [ Country: USA | Industry: Automotive | Dates: July 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011 | Organizer: FORMULA SUN | Site Language(s): English | URL:]

  • Electric Blue Racing
    In 1993, Centerior Energy, Inc. of Cleveland, Ohio, invited over 75 universities from around the country to compete in an electric vehicle race to be held in conjunction with the CART Grand Prix of Cleveland. Ten universities answered this call, and the University Spec Series was born at the first annual Electric Formula Classic held in July of 1994.
    [ Country: USA | Industry: Automotive | Dates: July, annual | Site Language(s): English | URL:]

  • International Conference Cities and Ports
    A growing international awareness of the necessity for a better preservation of environmental resources and the implementation of a more sustainable development strategy is at the centre of the preoccupations of city ports the world over.
    [ Country: France | City: Marseilles | Industry: Automotive; Environment | Dates: November, annual | Organizer: International Association of Cities and Ports | Site Language(s): English, French, Spanish | URL:]

  • International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhbition
    The symposium and the exhibition - one complementing the other - will demonstrate clearly how we can meet the expectations of clean mobility set up by the regulations like the California Clean Air Act and other emission related laws.
    [ Country: Germany | City: Berlin | Industry: Automotive | Dates: October, annual | Organizers: DGES, A.V.E.R.E. and TU Berlin | Site Language(s): English | URL:]

  • NGV
    7th International Conference and Exhibition on Natural Gas Vehicles

    The conference, intended to promote dialogue within the NGV industry, will bring together gas utility companies; manufacturers or motor vehicles, gas, cylinders, and CNG refueling equipment; and representatives of national and local governments
    [ Country: Japan | City: Yokohana | Industry: Automotive | Dates: October, annual | Organizer: International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles | Site Language(s): English | URL:]

  • National Clean Cities Conference and Expo
    Want to know what the future holds for the automobile industry in the next 10 years? Want to understand the marketing and technology potentials of state-of-the-art vehicles? Then come to the Clean Cities Conference.
    [ Country: USA | City: Philadelphia, PA | Industry: Automotive | Dates: May, annual | Organizer: Clean Cities, Office of Transportation Technologies, US Department of Energy | Site Language(s): English | URL:]

  • National Natural Gas Vehicle Conference
    Over the last half decade, the rally has grown into a Black Hills-wide event. Several towns in the area hold special events, but Sturgis remains the "Motorcycle Mecca" and remains a favorite ride because of the area's scenic beauty.
    [ Country: USA | City: San Francisco, CA | Industry: Automotive | Dates: September - October, annual | Organizer: Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition | Site Language(s): English | URL:]

  • Silent Thunder - Northern CA Drags
    Safe, silent and exciting electric vehicle drag racing event designed to increase public awareness of electric vehicle (EV) performance and to encourage through competition, advances in electric vehicle technology.
    [ Country: USA | City: Sacramento, CA | Industry: Automotive | Dates: October, annual | Organizer: National Electric Drag Racing Association | Site Language(s): English | URL:]

  • Solar Express
    This solar bike road-rayce combines solar power, human power, and ingenuity. The 2001 Solar Express is a 600 km rayce from Topeka, Kansas to Jefferson City, MO.
    [ Country: USA | City: Topeka, KS - Jefferson City, MO | Industry: Automotive | Dates: August, annual | Organizer: FORMULA SUN | Site Language(s): English | URL:]

  • Solar Odyssey
    6th World Solar Challenge

    The World Solar Challenge is a race to motivate research and development into harnessing solar energy for future transport needs.
    [ Country: Australia | City: Darwin | Industry: Automotive | Dates: 18 - 28 November, annual | Organizer: South Australian Tourism Commission | Site Language(s): English | URL:]

    The World Solar-Car Rallye is an international solar vehicle event held annually Prefecture, Japan. It has been developing year by year with many participants from all over the world who are attracted by sun power.
    [ Country: Japan | City: Ogata-mura | Industry: Automotive | Dates: July, annual | Site Language(s): English, Japanese | URL:]


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