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Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Fairs, Festivals and Conferences

  • Dowdeswell's Delphiniums
    It is our aim, through the provision of information and access to plant material, to promote delphiniums in the gardens of the world, and through the breeding programmes of ourselves and others, select strains suited to as wide a variety of conditions as possible. We are marketing the very best of our new hybrids and seed lines under the name New Millennium DelphiniumsTM . The cloned plants are available only in New Zealand at this stage, but the seedlines are available to all.
    [Location: New Zealand | Industry: Floriculture | Site language: English | Visit our Web site | Tel: 64-6-342 1733 | Fax: 64-6-342 1844 | E-mail: ]

  • Midwest GROmaster, Inc.
    Midwest GROmaster is the little company with big know how and experience in the fields of sub-irrigation, recirculation and fertilizer injection systems. In fact, this is our main business, not just a side line. We have been installing EBB-FLO benches throughout North America since 1986. We back every installation with our many years experience from several hundred installations. | Products | Visit our booth at upcoming industry trade shows |
    [Location: St. Charles,Illinois, USA | Industry: Greenhouse Equipment | Site language: English | URL: | Tel: (847) 888-3558 | Fax: (847) 931-1356 | E-mail: ]

  • Southern Agricultural Insecticides, Inc.
    Incorporated in 1947, Southern Agricultural Insecticides began as a formulator of dusts used for insect control on vegetable crops. Today, with locations in both North Carolina and Florida, Southern Ag has become a major supplier in the Southeastern United States of a wide variety of agricultural and specialty chemicals, fertilizers, and related products.
    [Location: Florida and North Carolina, USA | Industry: Agrichemical Supplies | Site language: English | URL: | Tel: 941-722-3285 | Fax: 941-723-2974 | E-mail: ]

  • SPS Corporation
    SPS Internationalís sole devotion is to provide the finest glazing materials to commercial greenhouse growers. All of our products are specifically engineered to optimize greenhouse productivity and are simply the very best you can get for covering greenhouses. Please note that our products are engineered solely for Commercial Greenhouse Growers and are sold exclusively through authorized commercial greenhouse distributors and manufacturers. | Products | Authorized SPS Dealers |
    [Location: San Jose, California, USA | Industry: Greenhouse Equipment | Site language: English | URL: | Tel: 1-800-994-5626 or 1-408-997-6100 (outside the U.S.A) | Fax: 1-408-997-0696 | E-mail: ]

  • Teufel Nursery, Inc.
    We are a wholesale nursery and sell by account only. We offer an extensive listing of woody ornamentals, including shade and flowering trees, broadleaf evergreens, flowering shrubs, grafted ornamentals, conifers and our special selection of Rhododendron Hybrids, including both standard and dwarf varieties.
    [Location: Oregon, USA | Industry: Growers - Wholesale | Horticultural Supplies | Landscape Services | Site language: English | URL: | Tel: 503-646-1111 | Fax: 503-646-1112 ]

  • Westbrook Greenhouse Systems, Ltd.
    A respected name in commercial and farm greenhouses, Westbrook Greenhouse Systems offers a wide selection of greenhouses, benches and material handling systems. Our products are used by commercial growers, nurseries and retail outlets all across North America. | Click here for more info about our products. | Click here to request a quote. |
    [Location: Canada | Industry: Greenhouse Equipment | Site language: English | URL: | Tel: 1-800-263-0230 | Fax: 1-905-945-6564 | E-mail: ]


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